Sunday, January 31, 2010

ویدئویی زیبا از یک بانوی ژاپنی

ویدئویی زیبا از یک بانوی ژاپنی که ترانه سر اومد زمستون را با پیانو و به زیبایی تمام می نوازد


Behrooz said...

You are wonderful, lets wish freedom from ignorance, from selfishness, from prejudice,for all those who inhabit earth our common land.

lets pray: " O Gog guide me, protect me, make of me a shining lamp and a brilliant star. thou art the mighty and the powerful. Abdul-Baha "

Behrooz said...

I apologies for the misspell.
please correct the above prayer and read, O God.......
Thank you for your understanding.