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فیلمی مستند ازکارگران مهاجر در ژاپن

فیلمی مستند ازکارگران مهاجر در ژاپن

(1998) color, TRT 73:45 mins.
U.S., Japan

Formats: 16mm screening print w/mono optical track or double system 35mm mag track w/LRC mix. Also available on Digibeta or Beta SP.

An intimate exploration of migrant workers seeking a better life in Japan, Overstay is that rare documentary that seamlessly combines personal narrative and social commentary. Leaving families, friends, and cultural identity behind, six young people share their unique stories: three men escape familial responsibilities in Pakistan for the opportunity to reinvent themselves; a young Peruvian flees tradition in search of her independence; an Iranian turns discrimination he encounters into passionate activism; and a Filipina woman is seduced by the promise of easy money, only to find herself demeaned as a hostess. Alive with the colors and sounds of modern-day Japan, Overstay is a compelling, vibrant film that captures the human side of a timely, universal issue. A tale of sacrifice, loneliness, and courage, Overstay deftly parallels the story of immigrants living in the U.S. while examining a little-seen side of Japan.

Sally Abalos, Hassan Amiri, Mohd. Mujahid Cheema, M. Nasir Mughalquereshi, Ashraf Ali Sheak, and Hikari Yagi.


Producer, director, editor, writer Ann Kaneko
Director of photography Jennifer Jew
Production sound Yamamoto Hiroaki
Sound design Dane A. Davis
Original music Cristian Amigo, Ed Barguiarena
Videographer Ann Kaneko

Songs from around the world are included: Susana Baca ("Maria Landó"), Shoukichi Kina ("Jing Jing"), Diamantes ("Daijyoubu" and "Ganbateando"), Soul Flower Union ("Gambarou"), Asin ("Balita), and Faramarz Aslani ("Age Ye Rooz").

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